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The Timeless Man :: 2020 Holiday Gift Guides



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This gift guide represents my personal style and is made up of high-quality brands that are classic and timeless! These items don’t fit a short trend or fad but will be a staple in your style that will continually stand out. 

I’ve set this guide up a little differently: Each section features two items. One is a little pricier and the other is more middle of the road. Most of these brands/items are not cheap, but I wanted to compare one quality value item vs one quality higher-end item.

My approach to shopping for clothes, electronics, etc. is that I want the products I use to actually have purpose and be good quality. The items below are curated around the purpose that shopping is not a hobby but a means to purchase quality items that we will use and receive utility from. It’s nice to know we spent our hard-earned money on something that will last and stand out for many years to come.



one // Levis Made & Crafted – 511 Slim Fit Jean– 169$ – Everyone knows how solid Levis are and they have made this pair of jeans with Japanese raw denim (the best denim comes from Japan) and offer them at a great price for those seeking to jump into the raw selvedge denim lifestyle.

two //Rogue Territory – SK 15 oz– $240 – I’ve been wearing this exact style for 6.5 years and you will definitely be happy with this investment into a high-quality American made denim company. Everything they put out is perfect so don’t let the price hold you back. You won’t regret it. Make sure to follow them on the social medias and get to buying their seasonal releases!


one // Redwing Heritage – Blacksmith (style 3340)- $299- Redwing is the staple when it comes to boots. A good pair of boots that will last years is tough to find under $200. These are versatile for everyday wear and have a classic look. I’ve been wearing my Redwing Iron Rangers for about six years and will always recommend Redwings to anyone.

two // Thursday – Diplomat– $199 – I don’t personally own a pair of these boots, but I know plenty of people that do! I follow some solid Instagram accounts for sound wardrobe advice that swear by them. I liked the wedge sole on these plus the Vibram sole (which is a must for boots).


one // J.Crew slim mid-weight flannel– $79.50 – My almost everyday staple during the cold months is a flannel shirt. I have multiple from J.Crew because they offer a great product at an affordable price and they’ve lasted me years of multiple daily wear. They always offer sales on full price items so make sure to take advantage!

two // Taylor Stitch – The Yosemite Shirt– $125 – This is the king of the flannel shirt (in my opinion) but I can’t help but support anything this brand creates. Don’t miss out on this yearly offering as they tend to sell quickly each year!  


one// Taylor Stitch – The Long Haul Jacket $228 – Another Taylor Stitch product! This is a coat you’ll buy and will continue to wear 20 years down the road. This classic trucker is a small batch item this year so don’t you dare pass this up! I’m hoping this will be a gift for myself (hint hint). This jacket is on the heavier side in terms of warmth and it’s built for daily wear that holds up against the colder weather! I’m repeating myself but seriously don’t pass up the opportunity to invest in this jacket. I’ve linked to the indigo color version which will fade beautifully overtime but if your size isn’t in this option then simply choose a different color! Enjoy!

two // L.C. King – Brown Duck Chore Coat– $165 – This is a coat that I’ve been wearing for 6.5 years (the navy version) and stands the test of time. It can be worn for work, play, or dress. It goes with everything and always gets a compliment. 100% duck cotton from right here in the US of A and is a traditional workers overcoat but like I said wear it however you want. Check out all the great workwear L.C. King has to offer!


one // Ewing Dry Goods – Gentleman’s Billfold– $275 – This brand is top of the top when it comes to leather goods. All made from a solid dude out of Alaska who I’ve had the pleasure of talking and working with in the past. I have plenty of his products that I’ve used over the last 7 years. You pay for exactly what you get! Don’t let the price hold you back (unless you’re on a budget obviously)

two // Loyal Stricklin Klein Wallet– $100 – A classic bifold from another brand I’ve had the honor of knowing personally and on a professional level. They are the real deal here and you’ll receive a timeless quality wallet that is ready to last a lifetime.


one // Raen Wiley– $170 – A classic square pair ready to for your adventures. These are polarized and have Carl Zeiss lenses. I wear my shades year around

two // Shwood Prescott– $149 – Everyone needs at least one pair of wooden sunglasses! This is the one brand I’d go with if you’re looking for your first pair especially because of the premium hardwood and flexible spring hinges which make these perfect for all face shape.


Much like books I also think a quality vinyl sets the tone during the holiday season. Nothing like pulling out a Christmas puzzle and a great vinyl and some tasty treats to make for the perfect winter holiday night! Buy a vinyl for yourself, a loved one, family member, or friend!

one // JD Mcpherson – Socks – This is one of my favorite artists who has a sound that brings you back 50 or so years to a solid rockabilly,  blues, swing, rock n roll sound! They put together a Christmas album of all original Christmas songs that actually makes me love and enjoy Christmas songs. So many Christmas songs are cheesy and don’t resonate like the old classics. These songs will have you singing along and laughing and crying! Buy this vinyl please!

two // Jaime Wyatt – Neon Cross – I love a good vinyl so it’s nice to have some solid albums that you can put on and give you the solid feels. This album, from start to finish, is full of rockin twangy country tunes. Add some good music to your rotation and pick this up or just add it on Spotify (or wherever you stream) but the vinyl is where it’s at

three // John Baumann – Country Shade – I preordered this vinyl back in the spring at the start of quarantine because that’s how excited I was for this release. Honest songwriting is all I have to say! These songs fit perfectly into the holiday season (not that this album only fits into listening during this season) but there is something reflective here that causes us to think and also reminisce.


A great book fits perfect into the holiday season whether you’re sitting by a fire, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, or sitting outside enjoying the crisp cool air. My recommendation is read a great fiction and nonfiction book over your holiday season so make sure to include a book in your holiday gift purchases.

one // The Righteous Mind – Jonathan Haidt – A must-read for individuals really seeking to find why we have differences amongst groups across racial, religious, sex, etc. lines. Perfect for our highly polarizing times these days.

two // Faithful Place – Tana French- This is the 3rd book by Tana and you don’t have to read them in order but the first three feature characters that are in each novel. She’s an Irish crime writer with a focus on detail and context! I’ve read the first 3 of her books this year and plan on continuing until I catch up to her most recent that was just released.


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