Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the constant connectivity? Let's try walking in a better direction- one unplugged hour at a time.

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For many years, I allowed the constant connectivity that came through my phone to be one of the most essential parts of my life. 

My phone was the thing I woke up to, the thing I went to the bed with, the thing I checked at all hours of the day. I didn't realize how much it had taken from me until I started intentionally unplugging and slowly putting technology back in its place.


You feel overloaded by apps and notifications & you're looking to cut out some of the noise.

 You want to be more present to the people and plans that matter most to you.

You want to create a rhythm of unplugging that revitalizes your soul.

You are tired of doing yet another social media fast-- you are ready to figure out how to cultivate a lifestyle of presence for the long haul.

Pst... this book is for you.

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Grab the UK Edition of The Unplugged Hours!

I'm so excited to have The Unplugged Hours releasing in the UK on September 17, 2024 through Watkins Publishing!


With honesty and grace, this book offers a much-needed guide to a simpler, steadier way of life.

Hannah comes alongside us with a gentle yet powerful invitation to put down the phone, embrace stillness in the pockets of the day, and get back to the wonder of the present moment. 

Emily Ley, author; founder, Simplified

The Unplugged Hours is a timeless message.

Alexandra Hoover, speaker; ministry leader; author, Eyes Up and Without Wavering

Clear, compassionate, and practical, Brencher emphasizes the importance of rest, renewal, and finding our lives again—focusing on what truly matters and fostering a deeper, more meaningful existence away from the screen and in the true gift of life—on the other side of the screen.

Take the challenge and watch restoration come one unplugged hour at a time.

When you release yourself from the obligation to constantly consume and give yourself permission to embrace a slower pace of living, you will begin to see God breathing new life into barren places. 

LaShonda Brown, tech educator; founder, Bootstrap Biz Advice

Hannah Brencher lovingly reminds us that what we may actually be missing out on is the full, vibrant life that’s right in front of us.

Danielle Coke Balfour, illustrator; activist; author, A Heart on Fire: 100 Meditations on Loving Your Neighbors Well

She inspired me to rediscover the beauty of real connections, embrace vulnerability, and find solace in the quiet moments of life

In a world filled with guilt-inducing advice about social media and dopamine dangers, Hannah offers a heartfelt guide to cultivating presence in a digital world. With wisdom, vulnerability, and grace, Hannah’s refreshing writing changed my view on the gift of time. 

Lara Casey Isaacson, entrepreneur; author, Make it Happen and Cultivate

In The Unplugged Hours, Hannah Brencher writes us all one massive permission slip...

She empowers us to put down our phones, our laptops, and our remotes for the sake of wholeness in order that we might come back to life.

Tabitha Panariso, therapist; author, Loyal in His Love

As a new mom, I’m thankful for Hannah’s thoughtful stories about learning to balance tech while building an intentional life—one unplugged hour at a time.

Kait Tomlin, national bestselling author; dating coach; founder, Heart of Dating

In a culture of always on and constantly drained, everyone needs this book.

Hannah Brencher’s The Unplugged Hours is a transformative guide to reclaiming your life from digital overload. Each chapter is filled with wisdom and practical advice for cultivating a life of presence.

Alli Worthington, author; business coach; entrepreneur

This book will change your life!

Hannah Brencher has long been one of my favorite writers and thought leaders. She always seems to know what to say and how to say it in a way that rewires something deep within you that’s felt stuck for years.

Stephanie May Wilson, author, Create a Life You Love; host, the Girls Night podcast

This is a must-have book for anyone who feels like a screen has become a barrier to their reality.

Jess Ekstrom, speaker; author; founder, Mic Drop Workshop

But then you'll find yourself noticing a sunset for the first time in ages, or you'll reconnect with an old friend over coffee, or you'll decide to write the first sentence of that novel you stopped dreaming about but haven't forgotten entirely. And a piece of yourself will feel like it's returning to life. You'll realize then that what you're doing is so much more than unplugging.

Page xiv.

When you power down that first time, you'll think that's all you're doing. 

"So breathe. Power down. Check in.

You might be trying to get your own attention."

- Page 27

"The Unplugged Hours completely transformed my perspective on the use of technology in my home and family culture." 

If you’ve ever felt tethered to your phone and longed for more authentic interactions of true overflow with your family, I can’t recommend The Unplugged Hours enough. It’s a must-read for anyone ready to reclaim their time and attention.

— Rachel Awtrey, author; host, Real Talk with Rachel Awtrey

"One part pep talk, one part love letter, this book is Hannah Brencher at her finest."

If you’re ready to take your eyes off your phone and put them back on your life, start here.  Featuring zero guilt and heaps of grace, The Unplugged Hours is the invitation I didn’t even know I needed, and one I’ll surely return to again and again.

— Ashlee Gadd, Author of Create Anyway

"This book is for the one yearning to get their life back."

In The Unplugged Hours, Hannah Brencher weaves together faith-filled wisdom, personal experiences, and practical steps forward in a grace-filled guide to the present, joyful life you’ve been longing for.

— Natalie Franke, USA Today Bestselling Author of Gutsy

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