Single Session + Ongoing Coaching for Creatives

The Brew Sessions are back in stock!


So, what's a Brew Session?

A Brew Session is a 60-minute, virtual conversation. Together, we’ll dig deep, solve problems, and create an intentional roadmap full of practical (yet realistic) action steps.

Turn on the coffee pot or grab your favorite bevvy from the fridge— it’s time to brew up something new.



Take your writing process and content creation process with a smart plan.


Build an intentional platform and a community that is authentic and real.


Flesh out a BIG, BEAUTIFUL idea-- a book, a blog, newsletter, or new creative venture.


Get unstuck in your creative work + create an intentional roadmap for the next quarter.

this is for you.


"Hannah's coaching expertise was invaluable. She continues to be a mentor and encourager in my life today." 

I couldn't have done the hard work without her patience, guidance, and wisdom. She celebrated every little victory with me throughout the seasons of planning, writing, editing, and publishing. She was with me in the trenches when it was hard, and she pushed me to keep showing up to write even the hard things.

-Courtney Tucker

"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Nora really gets it.

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- monique, model




Single Brew

This Single Brew is ideal for the one who needs a fire lit within them but it is ready to move forward once they have an action plan in place!


90-Day Brew

This Brew is perfect for the one who wants a coaching experience with some extra accountability + guidance built in. 


All-Day Brew

This in-person meeting is from 9-3pm with a lunch break built in. This Brew Session is ideal for mapping out a book or project. Hannah is based in Atlanta, GA, and will host you in her office (lunch, coffee, and snacks are included).


One-Time Brew

60-Minute Zoom Meeting

Recorded Session (so you can watch it back easily)!

Customized Action Plan for moving forward

Single Session: $397

best value!

90-Day Brew

3- 60-Minute Zoom Meetings

Recorded Sessions + Notes

Action steps + milestone markers for the quarter

Text Accountability

Inquire for Pricing

Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and wisdom, with your ability to remind us of the confidence we already have
stirring in our chests.


Let's Work 

I started the Brew Sessions back in 2011, having no idea the amount of creative plans, business, books and projects it would unlock for others. I've coached thousands of individuals since then-- helping them launch strategic businesses, write beautiful book proposals, and start pursuing their dream ventures-- one intentional step at a time. I can't wait to pour the next cup of coffee and come alongside you, friend.


Reserve Your Spot To Brew

it's time to

I offer a limited number of Brew Sessions per quarter. When you’re ready (and excited) to set a date on the calendar, please fill out the form below. My team will contact you shortly to schedule your first Brew Session!

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