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What if you could make an intentional shift away from the screens? What if you could learn to check back in with yourself and root yourself more fully in the present moment?

Enter the 1,000 Unplugged Hours Challenge.

POV: You're tired of always being on your phone.

You feel exhausted by the constant notifications and the pressure to be "on." You're tired of not being present. You lose precious time scrolling when you’d rather be doing other things: spending time with the people you love, raising your babes, picking up a good book, or trying out a new hobby.

Starting today, we're taking back your time. One unplugged hour at a time.

Start Powering Down Today.

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If you're into encouraging pep talks, hope-filled devotionals, tips for building better routines, the occasional JonBenet Ramsey deep-dive + some solid book recs-- you've arrived at your destination.

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