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My must-have essentials for life with a newborn.



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So many of you new moms and mamas-to-be have reached out to me for recommendations on the products I’m loving when it comes to caring for my newborn. I figured it was time to put together a list! Mind you, I registered for plenty of things and could easily load this list up with a dozen more items. However, I wanted to keep this list simple and focused on the things I’ve been raving about in the last four weeks with Novalee— what I’ve grown to see as essential.

I am someone who cares about where you spend your dollars and I always, only recommend products I personally use and stand by.


001: The Keekaroo Peanut Changer.

The Keekaroo is definitely on the pricier side for changing stations but Lane and I keep commenting on how thankful we are that we bought it. It is totally worth the investment. Because the changer is a solid surface, we are able to wipe it down easily after every diaper change to avoid bacteria piling up. We don’t have to worry about the baby having a blowout and needing to wash a changing pad— we simply spray down the surface and move on with our day. We are obsessed with this changer!

002: BIBS Pacifiers.

These 100% natural rubber pacifiers are made in Denmark and are the closest resemblance out there to a breast nipple. Our little girl loves them and I originally bought them because several of my friends remarked about how their babies took so easily to this pacifier. Novi was loving it from day one. Plus, the vintage colors are gorgeous.

003: Ergobaby Embrace.

The Ergobaby is the perfect carrier for a newborn. We bought the Newborn Insert so we could begin using the Ergo Carrier from the start. Novi went on her first hike at 1 week old and I started strapping her in for writing hours with me at 2 weeks. She loves getting to hang out with mama for a few extra hours while I tap away on my computer.

004: Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger.

I would say this is the product we find ourselves using the most on a daily basis. We started using it the moment we got home from the hospital. It’s designed to “snuggle” your baby in and hold them tight. We love using it for lounging time with Novalee.

005: Diaper Utility Cart.

I love these little utility carts from IKEA and found a really cute one on Amazon to use as a diaper cart. We keep this beside the dresser and changing pad and filled it with diapers, wipes, lotions, burp clothes and bibs. The cart wheels all around the room and is the perfection solution for storing things you’ll need several times a day!

006. Wellements Gripe Water.

Novalee is still getting used to her digestive system and that comes with a lot of gas and discomfort. Trust me, we can hear our baby girl trying to work it all out. My mom suggested gripe water as a perfect solution for when she is crying out in pain and it works like a charm. The second we squirt a little of this herbal remedy in her mouth, she’s instantly feeling better. We use gripe water at least once a day!

007: UPPAbaby Vista Stroller.

This is definitely the most expensive purchase we made but it was 100% worth it! I knew I wanted an awesome stroller because I love walking so much and the UPPAbaby lives up to all the hype. I love taking my baby for a walk almost every day in this stroller. I went with the UPPAbaby Mesa carseat and it clips easily into this stroller base. We also use the bassinet that comes with the stroller for Novi to sleep in at night! She loves it!

008: GATHRE Changing Mat.

Lane cannot stop raving about this changing mat. We keep it in our diaper caddy and also bring it with us when we go places. The beautiful thing about this changing mat is that we can wipe it down easily with soap and water. It only takes a few minutes to dry out. It’s free of all toxins and can actually be used as a pet mat or a desk mat if you don’t want to use it as a changing mat!

009: Baby Electric Nail File.

To be honest, I didn’t have a clue I would even need something like this. I completely forgot to put anything on my registry but someone bought this for me as a gift and told me it was their favorite gift from their own shower! This little electric tool makes filing baby’s nails less agonizing. I never realized how small a baby’s fingernails were until I attempted to trim them. I’m thankful this buffer can make the process go quicker! It also works for adults too so I can do my own nails after trimming hers!

010: Skip Hop Farmstand Activity Gym.

I searched for a long time to find an activity gym I actually liked that also wouldn’t be an eye sore in our living room. I fell in love with this little farmstand and all the cute hanging toys— tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and an avocado! This is where Novalee does her tummy time each day. Lane is constantly putting her in “the farm,” as he calls it. She squirms and looks at all the bright colors. Bonus points: this activity gym will grow with her so we can use it for years to come.

011: Manhattan Toy Activity Books.

Our little one can’t understand words or pictures just yet but we wanted to start her off with some sensory practice and Manhattan Toys makes some great activity books for babies ages 0-3 months. I found this astronaut counting book at Target and we’ve been reading it to Novi every night.

012: Puffin in Bloom Box Set.

So I would not call this an “essential” but so many of you asked where I got the book set that sits on the coffee table by Novi’s crib. It was a gift from a friend but I couldn’t have picked a better one. This book set has all the classics for a little girl to treasure— Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women + the Little Princess.

013: Evenflo Feeding Bottles.

We are loving these glass bottles from Evenflo for Novi’s bottle feedings. We went with glass so we could easily clean them without residue sticking to the bottle. I was a little nervous at first because I break glasses like it is my job but I’ve dropped these bottles on the floor several times now and have yet to see one shatter. Wins all around!

014: DaVinci Swivel Glider.

We originally had a different glider picked out and it suddenly went on backorder for two months. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that that happened. The first glider we picked out was simply for looks, not comfort. I had no idea I was going to be spending so much time this chair and I am so, so glad we ended up picking a different one. It’s my favorite thing in the world to snuggle up in this chair and feed Novalee. When I put her down, I find myself staying in the chair just because I love lounging in it so much.

015: Parker Baby Diaper Caddy.

I was gifted a caddy just like this one during my baby shower and I decided to use it to store diapers and burpies. Now we keep the caddy downstairs so we don’t have to go up and down to change our baby. We are able to carry the caddy around the house and change her from anywhere if we don’t feel like going upstairs to the nursery.

016: Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker.

You might be raising your eyebrows and wondering if you should put a Keurig on your registry list… Um… you absolutely should! My husband and I split Novi’s feedings. He takes the night feeding and I take on the early AM feeding. After feeding Novi, I don’t go back to bed with her. I pull my laptop out and start my day right from the glider in our nursery.

Putting a Keurig beside me in the nursery turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. My coffee brews while Novi feeds and I actually look forward to a 5am wake-up knowing that first cup of coffee awaits me and I don’t even have to walk downstairs to make it.

017: FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit.

The fourth trimester… something we rarely talk about when it comes to all the new things up ahead when that sweet baby arrives. Gosh, I wish someone had gotten real with me about how weird and gross postpartum can be in those first few days after giving birth. Yes, my body just did something amazing but no one told me I was going to have to wear diapers and have someone help me to the bathroom?!

I am so glad I bought this Frida Mom Kit before going to the hospital. It helped me feel prepared once we left the hospital and also made me feel a little more human in the process of recovery.


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