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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: For the ones who want to change the world.



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Hey you!

It’s officially that time of year again and we’ve got a few awesome gift guides coming your way this week!

Over the next few days, I will be publishing several gift guides to help you spend smart & deliberately this holiday season.

Please note my heart as I create these guides: I believe the holiday season is a time for togetherness. It’s a time to choose experiences over extravagance. I love giving good & thoughtful gifts. All of the gifts compiled here and in the guides to follow are meant to be extensions of the holiday season but never the point of it. Dig deep this season and love fiercely.


The following guide is for all my do-gooders who are constantly looking for a cause to support while keeping it stylish + fun.

**scroll down, down, down for links

one // This adorable pj set is perfect for the dreamer + the doer in your life. It’s soft, versatile, and perfect for the chilly nights ahead. Sseko is a stellar company that works to send women off to college. In 2019, Sseko will send their 131st woman to university! 

two // I noticed a girl rocking this jacket in church the other day and I immediately looked up the details for it. It’s super cute but it also carries one heck of a message on the back. TWLOHA is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those who struggle with suicide + depression.

three // I’ve loved this company since they first popped up on the scene and they’ve been doing good work ever since. What I love most? They don’t sacrifice quality. I would buy one of these bags even if a good cause wasn’t behind them. The bags are just that good and I have several of them. For every State bag purchased, the company will support American children and families in need … in the ways they need it most. 

four // Are you a fan of doing good AND the Bachelor? Colton Underwood from the Bachelor came out with a wine in 2019 that I hear is actually pretty good. Enjoy their wine and know that each purchase helps support and celebrate people who are fighting cystic fibrosis with everything they’ve got. 

five // Lush is a company who already creates an unbeatable line of products for their clean ingredients and business ethics. A purchase of this product guarantees that 100% of proceeds go to small grassroots organizations working in the areas of human rights, animal protection and environmental justice.

six //There are countless RED products you can buy (from all different companies) to support the fight against HIV. This is already my favorite toothbrush on the market so why not get it in RED?

seven // I love supporting women-owned companies and this one goes the extra mile. This gift is perfect for the tea lover in your life who also loves a little girl power. Proceeds from this purchase go to Vital Voices, an international organization championing the voices of women and girls around the world. 

eight // I recently discovered this company and as a mom-to-be I am obsessed with their dolls. They’re cuddly and unique. They’re durable and classic-cozy. Every purchase provides 10 meals to children in need. 

nine // If this isn’t a genius idea (especially for those who love a good scratch-off ticket) then I am not sure what is. These adorable “lotto tickets” will have you winning charitable gifts for others when you scratch instead of cash. A way to do good and enjoy the moment with loved ones.


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