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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: For the bookworms + letter writers.



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Start Tracking Your Habits Today

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Hey you!

It’s officially that time of year again and we’ve got a few awesome gift guides coming your way this week!

Over the next few days, I will be publishing several gift guides to help you spend smart & deliberately this holiday season.

Please note my heart as I create these guides: I believe the holiday season is a time for togetherness. It’s a time to choose experiences over extravagance. I love giving good & thoughtful gifts. All of the gifts compiled here and in the guides to follow are meant to be extensions of the holiday season but never the point of it. Dig deep this season and love fiercely.


The following guide is for all the bookworms and good ol’ fashioned letter writers out there who never met a stationery set they didn’t love.

**scroll down, down, down for links

one // This is a subscription I stand by and will feature in my gift guides until I am old + grey. Hands down, the thing I look forward to coming in the mail every month. Their selections are amazing and my friends are constantly borrowing my books.

two // When Laney and I moved into our house last year, this is the first purchase I made for my office. It’s one of my favorite things and a good reminder to stop the scroll.

three // Are you a good ol’ fashioned list maker when it comes to going to the grocery store? I need a piece of paper when I head to the store so we are always using this pad in our home.

four // I spotted this just the other day and fell in love— take a moment to browse through their different selections. They have one for the book nerd, one for the coffee lover, one for the beer drinker, and more.

five // Right after Christmas we’ll be heading into the New Year so, chances are, you are going to need this one for all your 2020 dreams.

six // More for the kiddies, this is a perfect way to get your babes active in the art of letter writing at a young age. You know when Novalee is old enough I am going to be purchasing this for her!

seven // This is a constant reminder I need hanging in my home at all times. God is bigger than the circumstances we go through. Keep moving, friend.

eight // This is a favorite coffee table book for all my ladies out there. I love this book and the message behind it.

nine // I see these hanging in my friends’ homes and I definitely want to invest in one. You can pick a specific date and the company will customize a poster of how the night sky looked on that date. Such a cool idea for wedding presents, baby shower gifts, etc.

ten // Recently released by Passion + Zondervan, this Bible is GORGEOUS and perfect for the girl who has a little bit of different style and taste.

eleven // This is actually my letter-writing kit for all the adults out there. It’s fold-and-mail stationery book so you can write letters on the go and mail them from wherever you are. There’s even a few fun writing prompts on the back to get you going.

twelve // This prayer journal was one of my favorite things about 2019. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see their prayer life soar in the new decade. It’s a staple for me.


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