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8 Books to Grow Your Relationship with God.



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Start Tracking Your Habits Today

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I set out to create a list of books that were game-changers for growing and evolving my relationship with God. As I started writing, I realized there are so many good books out there. Books that will move you. Books that will propel you forward. Books that will shift you around like furniture. These books are my top choices but I have a feeling there will be many more lists like this one to come. 

So that’s my charge to you: to read. Read good books. Read books that stir your faith. Read books that propel you to more. 

If you’re not much of a reader *but you desire to be*, start here.

Let me know in the comments which books you’re adding to your Amazon cart!


Ordering Your Private World

Nancy Ray introduced me to this book several years ago and it changed me to my core. What’s crazy about this book is that it was written in the 80s but it reads like it was meant for our current times. It’s wild to think social media wasn’t even a thing when he penned these worlds because WE NEED THIS BOOK IN SOCIAL MEDIA TIMES

This book digs deep into the exhaustion that comes from always trying to keep every plate spinning on the outside. What is the result? Exhaustion and a depleted inner world.

This book is for: the person who is looking to cultivate spiritual disciplines, recharge their faith in God, and get serious about cultivating a private world.

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

Warning: Only read this book if you are ready for a good kick in the faith. That’s what Keller delivers in just 44 pages. You can read this book in one sitting but you will be forever marked by it. Keller writes about the true meaning of “gospel-humility” and how we can become free from an inflated ego, self-condemnation, and the need to people-please

This is a book I make it a point to read once a year as a refresher. Every time I read it, I spot something new that shifts my mindset and points me back to Christ.

This book is for: the one who wants to please every human they come across. The one who condemns themselves often and needs a reminder to stop comparing their race to the races of others.

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

“Long” and “obedience”– two words we typically loathe within our faith. But y’all– we have to go there and this book is taking us.

This book follows the Psalms of Ascent as Peterson breaks down what it looks like to be a disciple in an instant society. Get ready to highlight every other sentence. This book is rich, deep, and powerful. You can’t read it just once.

This book is for: the person who is ready to be changed and made into someone new. Yes, that seems dramatic but I’ve watched this book change so many people. If you are tired and exhausted but desire to make an impact, pick it up and let it refresh you.


I feel like this book should be required reading for anyone who is a Christian. It’s insanely well-written and the first time I encountered it, it was the balm my soul so needed.

This book is for: anyone who is struggling with an anonymous season. You feel lost. You feel unseen. You can’t really tell if God is working or not. This book will put you at the feet of Jesus and remind you why the anonymous seasons are often the most fruitful.

Life of the Beloved

Confession time: for years I struggled to know if God really liked me. I felt like it was his obligation to love me but did he really like me? This book shifted my perspective on how God sees me and why I am considered the Beloved and so are you.

This book is for: the person who just needs to know about the love of God. We rattle on about sin and condemnation but this book is just straight love. Straight gospel. Dig in and know you are wanted in these pages by a God who will never stop pursuing you.

Draw the Circle

I forgot this book in my OG lineup and I’m not really sure how. I’ve read this book almost a dozen times and it has been the fuel I’ve needed to pray unceasingly for different things in my life. 

There is an actual chapter book called The Circle Maker but this book I’m recommending is the 40-day prayer challenge. It’s a reboot for your faith and it will help you grow another level deeper with God. 

This book is for: the one who wants to become a prayer warrior. Like, James-style. Set aside 40 days as you read this book and get ready to experience some major breakthroughs in your faith life.

The Practice of the Presence of God

If you read one book– just one book on this list– let it be this one. I can’t begin to express how this book has changed my life but I want everyone to grab it and know it and understand it. Next to the Bible, I think this is the most important piece of work I’ve ever read.

Brother Lawrence was a dishwasher in a monastery who learned how to be in constant communion with God. In the good. In the hard. In the sacred. And the ordinary. There is something here for each one of us, even 300 years later.

This book is for: the one who feels overloaded by social media and needs to get back to their faith. For the one who is struggling to be present or is used to boxing God up into a perfectly planned quiet time.

In the Name of Jesus

I actually don’t know if this book is one I would recommend to all people. However, if you are someone who considers yourself to be a leader then it’s a must-read. You should have multiple copies to give away to other leaders you encounter. 

It’s a call to put down the need for power and approval and pick up the things of Christ: prayer and forgiveness.

This book is for: the one who can’t help but desire popularity and approval. That’s most of us. If you are struggling with wanting to be relevant in today’s world, this book will shift your mindset back onto greater things.



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