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Sevenly + Not for Sale + why the small stuff matters.



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If you’d asked me several years ago– right when I was getting out of college– I probably would have told you what I thought was the truth at that time: small things don’t make a difference.

Small things. Tiny acts. Glances in the right direction. Little things we carry on throughout a day, some on the to-do list and some not.

I would have told you that the things that actually made a difference were Big. They were Loud. They were Titanical. And they were Movements. I didn’t know back then that movements are stitched and made when many small things + small groups of people band together to shake stuff up.

In the last few years, my boat has been rocked by the little things. By the small things. By short emails. By quick phone calls. By brief exchanges that end up extending themselves into so much more. And by the power of something as small as a tweet or a website link, and how these small things ultimately stack up into movements that change the world we’re living in today.

Today I want you to introduce you to one of those movements that is near and dear to my heart.

Meet Sevenly

hannah b sevenly 3
I was approached by the company Sevenly several months ago after partnering up with Save the Children to raise awareness for the children of Syria. Basically, I fell in love. I was practically doodling Sevenly’s name and little hearts all around it in my notebooks (well, not really… but you get the point). Sevenly teams with up a charity every week, helping to raise both funds and awareness for a solid 7 days. Sevenly takes $7 from every purchase and gives it directly to the charity. At over 3 million dollars raised, Sevenly is leading the way for crowd-funding for causes while raising massive amounts of awareness through trendy apparel. You can get all the deets here.

In a nutshell: Sevenly gives generously. They love intentionally. And they produce swag that stands for something. Best of all—every purchase– big & small–  stacks up to make a difference for people. I’ll be teaming up with Sevenly on occasion to highlight some of the causes that resonate with me but there are noble causes every single week. It’s a company I recommend bookmarking so you can devour all their goodness on a weekly basis.

hannah b sevenly

This week, I’m partnering with Not for Sale + Sevenly to rescue children at risk of being trafficked.  Not For Sale works to fight modern-day slavery. They provide direct services to victims of human trafficking and people vulnerable to exploitation, and attack the root causes through education, skill development and job creation.

I’ve worked with several organizations in the past few years that are tirelessly giving their time and their energy to end human trafficking for good. I admire them with all my heart. It’s gutsy companies like Not for Sale– and the people behind them– that inspire me to advocate and raise awareness. They inspire me to keep in check these feelings that a small thing or a small group can’t actually make a difference. In the words of Margaret Mead, “Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” When I saw Not for Sale as one of the upcoming causes for Sevenly, I couldn’t not get on board.

The small stuff matters, it matters. I hope you’ll support.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 3.30.45 PM

There are several clothing options on the site. Here is the link to the flowy tee pictured above.

I’m always in the mood to learn about cool causes + companies that are out there so please share in the comments below if you’ve been impacted by a brand or a cause.

DISCLAIMER: I am not making any kind of affiliate sales from Sevenly. This post is strictly to raise awareness for the cause at hand. I so appreciate your support of the brand!


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