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The “Brews” are back in town.



I'm a writer, author, and online educator who loves helping others build intentional lives through the power of habit and meaningful routines.







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I have a gift.
Just a few months ago I would have believed it was boastful, or prideful, or arrogant to say that sort of thing out loud, but I’ve learned best most recently that we’re called to be confident & bold when it comes to the things we thrive at. So, I have a gift.

I was made to be a frizzy-haired, freckled, little creature who absolutely oozed with creativity. I have far too much creativity for my own good. I come up with solutions on the spot. I can make any brand, or load of copy, or organization stand out among the rest. I have an eye for things unseen and I am not afraid to get down & dirty to make something I love even better at the core and the fringes.

For this reason, among many more, I started Brew Sessions this past summer. Brew Sessions were the remedy for the ache in my heart to connect with individuals from across the world who wanted to do good work and just needed the encouragement to step outside the box. Brew Sessions were my way to switch gears in my own brain and offer my advice & expertise & creative eye to folks who just needed some action steps, a solid cheerleader, & a bluntly honest friend.

The last year of my life has blown my mind… I’ve started a global company, I’ve quit my own steady 9-5 job to make a mark in the freelance world, I’ve bobbed & weaved through corporate partnerships and became a spokesperson for the Postal Service. I’ve gained international press and have began speaking around the country (including TED). I signed with a literary agency and I began helping companies– small and large– find their voice, their “why” in this big ol’ world through creative consulting. But all this experience just stacks up a desire within me to pass the know-how onto others. My heart still somersaults for the ones with big dreams. For the ones who want a fresh start. For the ones who want to break from the desk job or follow a passion, wherever it will lead. These are the people I want to connect with. Meet with. Dream with. Brainstorm with. If that’s you, come find me.

Come with your ideas. With your hopes. With your plans. And together, we’ll brew something beautiful.


For the next month, the following Brew Sessions will be offered as “Pay What You Can.” You propose the brewing price and we make it happen. Grab them up quick because they are very limited. The sessions will become set rate by mid-March.

So what’s a Brew Session?

Brew Sessions are one-hour long specialized creative brainstorming sessions. We meet together over Skype or phone and we lay ideas, goals, and hopes square in the center of the table. The 60 minutes is spent sifting & sorting & plotting action steps for the road ahead. We solve problems. We unblock the barriers. We get you thinking too creatively for your own good. We set goals. We create the “what’s next.” We get down to the nit & grit of something you’ve always wanted.

Brew Sessions are a time to focus on your dreams & what you really want out of life. They are a creative space. They are judgement-free. And they are incredibly invaluable to the ones who seek to reinvent themselves on new levels.

All Brew Sessions come with a PDF Brew Booklet & notes from the Session delivered within 24 hours of the Brew.

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Schedule your “Classic Brew” session today.

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Book your “Bold Brew” session today.

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Schedule your “Brink Brew” session today.

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Book your “Blogger Brew” session today.

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