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On quitting my day job and feathering up my dreams for flying practice.



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Start Tracking Your Habits Today

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I quit my job, went to Target and bought a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate and a new planner.

They both seemed like legitimate “new chapter” purchases. I walked out of the department store feeling pretty good about the investment and the road ahead.

Now, yes, NOW is my chance to place into practice all that I’ve learned of what it takes to feather up your dreams and make them fly. 

I’m following my dreams, people. Twenty-four years old, two years out of college and suddenly barreled over with Opportunities & Prospects that may have never snuck into existence without a few risk & gutsy thinking (thanks to all who coaxed me into that mindset). A few “You Cannot Pass Me Up” moments that made think it was time to go, time to leave, time to be a quitter.

This is me saying adieu to the 9 to 5 salaried life to figure it out.

To follow leads. To try new things. To be a little reckless. To learn the art of living, really living, when letting a dream lead you in the waltz.

I’ve handed over the reins to Life and all the beauty of her & I am ready to see where the next steps will take me. Where this adventure that began Ten Little Months ago with 400 love letters will bring me next.

Turns out, the market might be booming for a gal who adores cowboy boots, prose & has the savvy to wedge “love lettering” into a legitimate business plan.

So I am a freelancer now. Free to take meetings at midnight. Free to turn a diner into my office space. Free to be that girl in the café who sits on her Mac Book Pro and people watches while sipping a cappuccino and musing about InDesign. Though I am almost quite certain my life won’t look a thing like that.

Certain that the next few months will be packed with moving & shaking & meeting & collaborating all for the sake of writing + loving this world a little better. That I’ll be working my face off because that is what you are willing to do when a dream seems so real that you can taste it & see it & call out its name to make it turn around. Don’t you know it true?

So this is a fresh start.

A new chapter.

The point where I say that the last year of my life has been completely & utterly crazy. That dreams sometimes stay afloat with the help of 5 hour energies, Christmas lights, moral support from Twitter and the craziness to believe that Yes, you could in fact do a few impossible things before breakfast.

But this is also a time for me to be honest with y’all and admit that there is reassembling & reassessing to do. That I want to do it a lot of here, on these pages, through writing & editing myself into a life that lends itself to a Greater Story.

That these next few steps ain’t the time to be defined by love letter writing.

It is time to figure out what this whole life looks like when all the parts of it turn paragraph to a love letter that is my skin, my heart, my interactions with others, my writings on this blog page, my matrimony to the world.

It is time to learn what a greater Seamstress of Syllables will do with me as I step out in faith, quit my safe & secure day job, and follow a calling that keeps me up at night & stirs a feeling deep inside of me that feels a bit like Christmas stacked upon the first day of school, mixed with a pinch of butterflies in the stomach and a first snowfall beside a first love.

It’s bound to be wild. Unpredictable. Hard & treacherous at times. But completely & utterly worth it already. More precious than anything if I make it exactly where I’m intending to be.

Have you ever stepped out in faith with all the angst & excitement of a prepubescent boy at his first middle school dance? Any tips & tricks for after the “first step”? 

Side noter: This Facebook page for the blog now exists… Woof… I just gave birth to it. I resisted it for as long as possible but I have retired “As Simple as That” and now need a place to update all of you on bliss & blog posts. I wish we could all be Facebook friends but I guess this will be our next best thing right?


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