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I wanna be MADE



I'm a writer, author, and online educator who loves helping others build intentional lives through the power of habit and meaningful routines.







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Start Tracking Your Habits Today

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In 2003 MTV overtook our TV screens and our brains with one giant possibility: the potential to be MADE. Few can say that have never watched this reality show based on self-improvement where the seemingly ugly nerd becomes a beauty queen and the scrawny dweeb makes the football team.
Well if you are in need of a good laugh feel free to chuckle at my pathetic attempts to be MADE (as I was quite infatuated with the show):

2003: Wanted to be MADE into a cheerleader. Not exactly sure why since I was a competitive dancer. But it lasted for about two weeks until I realized that I didn’t even really like cheerleaders.

2004: Was dead set on being made into a skate boarder. I did not have a board, would not attempt an ollie, and only wanted the cute clothes. FAIL.

2005: Fashion design. Now here is something I could do. I jumped at the chance to grab a pair of scissors and transform a shirt from drab to FAB! For all who don’t know, safety pins and belly tops are not a fashion statement.

So I never really have been MADE. I am 21-years-old and I have not been MADE. What am I doing with my life?

As we grow older it seems that we let go of our childish dreams and we hold tight to the things we are good at. We allow ourselves to be molded into characters with specific titles that we stick to like gum on a shoe. I am a writer, a college student and soon to be personal trainer. He is a teacher and a coach. She is a lawyer and a founder of her own book club. We label ourselves with the positions that we have and things we have accomplished. We very rarely leave spaces for the fun to drop in.

What has happened to trying something because it looks fun, doing something because we have admired it from afar for so long? What has happened to being MADE?

It is sad to think that there are thousands of people who want to blog out there but don’t think that they will be good at it so they never try. The world is missing out on thousands of beautiful bloggers. It is discouraging to think about the missing poets of society, the missing basketball stars in this world, the ideas that will never be born or the books that will never be written because we don’t believe in ourselves enough to think that we have what it takes.

The point of trying something new is not to dominate or be the best or abandon our lives for this new found love, it is simply to do something because we adore it, because it makes us happy.

Well I say enough is enough. Out with the scaredy cats and in with the newly discovered prom queens, track stars and hip hop dancers. I want to be MADE!

And can you guess what I want to do? Well I have a secret obsession with UFC. For some reason I am fascinated by mixed martial arts and would love to jump in the cage and fight for the win. But maybe I should not get ahead of myself. I will tone it down a few notches.. So where does that lead me? Boxing! Yes, I want to box. And so I say why not? Why not sign up for a few boxing classes? I  am not expecting to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee but I could use a good right hook for the next guy who tries to use an idiotic pick up line on me. Baby are your feet tired, cause you have been running through my.. BOOM! Right in the kisser.

So I will go ahead and start pumping the Rocky theme song and you go ahead and find something that you want to try out. Remember, this is not about being the best or starting a new career around this new hobby, it is about trying something new. We deserve a little spice in our lives.

What do you want to be MADE into?


  1. Shubham says:

    Thanks for aa great read

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