Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite thangs.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Hannah! I’m a wife, mama, author and online educator. Life can be busy when you’re juggling a lot of things but I love creating and solidifying life-giving rhythms and routines that matter for me and my little family. I don’t always get it all done but I sure do try with a smile on my face.

I’ve rounded up all my favorite things that help life run smoothly as I navigate motherhood, marriage, career, and faith. Enjoy + remember: you’re doing a great job.


Healthy Habits + Productivity

I love getting things done! Below you’ll find a round-up of my favorite products + subscriptions when it comes to doing all the things and getting super focused.


Take 50% Off Your FloDesk Subscription

Flodesk is seriously my favorite tool and how I send out all my email newsletters throughout the week. Trust me, I’ve tried ALL the platforms. Flodesk is affordable, easy to use, and provides you with gorgeous templates (no coding necessary!).

Unplugged Hours.


In May 2021, I set out to unplug for 1,000 hours. Unplugging, to me, means turning off my phone or putting it completely away so it cannot distract me. This year has taught me so much about growth, productivity, connection, and the power of presence. I’ve become a better wife, better mom, and a better friend to those around me. I started taking more home videos on a REAL camera. I started documenting life from something other than a phone. I started reading more and enjoying cooking more. These are just some of the new hobbies I’ve fallen in love with in my unplugged journey.

Bible Study Essentials

No matter how crazed the day ahead may be, you can always find me curled up in my big chair with a coffee in hand and a fire going. I keep my time with God as the first priority of every single day- he’s the only power source I’m relying on to stay fueled. Here are just a few of the resources I use in my daily walk with God.

Baby + Toddler


Motherhood is one the most fulfilling, tiring, challenging, holy, and wild adventures I’ve ever embarked on. It takes a VILLAGE to raise a baby but it’s so much fun to watch a little human grow and become who they were always meant to be.

These are just some of my favorite baby + toddler things that help make the day as seamless as possible.


10% off Tubby Todd

We love their bathtime products + clean ingredients for babe.


Paleo Lifestyle

Recently in my own life, I’ve gone primarily paleo. It was recommended by my functional medicine doctor and I’m one month into the biggest change in my entire life. It’s not the easiest thing in the world (read as: I miss bread sometimes) but it’s totally worth it. I’m not an expert but I wanted to supply some resources that have been essential to me as I’ve pursued health and vitality to the fullest extent possible.


Get ground beef for LIFE + $30 off your first ButcherBox.

We started using ButcherBox in 2019 and have never looked back. Every month, we get fresh cuts delivered to our door— grass-fed, grass-finished, high-quality, and humanely raised meat. And I’m not kidding about that ground beef for life… it’s a thing.

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