I'm a writer, believer, wife and mom on a continual quest to be more present in life.

I love writing books and teaching individuals via online classes how to be more intentional in their daily lives through the power of healthy habits and strategic routines. 

No Matter Who You Are or Where You're Going: It Matters that You're Here.

I pray the words in this space will cover you and encourage you. Embolden and inspire you. On the good days, the hard days, the lovely days, the ordinary days, and the days where the rain just won’t quit. 

I've been writing words on the Internet since the OG blog days. As a senior in college, I opened up a Wordpress account and started pouring my heart onto the page and publishing words of encouragement on the Internet. That blog started everything for me in my career. It led me to new creative endeavors. It helped me land my first publishing deal. It is still my favorite part of the job I do on a daily basis. Don't ever doubt or belittle the small beginnings-- they can lead to more than you could ever imagine.


I started blogging in 2009, as a senior in college, and it's my still my favorite thing.

For over a decade, I’ve been filling this space with words for the brokenhearted and the defeated, for the hopeful and crazy dreamers, for the ones who are torn and the ones who are planting down roots, and for the ones who are looking for God and those who have found something worth holding onto. 

What I'm 


Unplugged hours. Deep focus + time blocking. Sending long, prayer-filled voice memos. Lifting heavy weights. Yellow notepads. True crime podcasts. Adding more fun to daily life.

What I'm 


Rest is productive. I don't have to do it all. 'No' is a full sentence. God can do a lot with the small gaps in the day. Perspective and mindset is absolutely everything. Generosity leads to deep joy.

What I 

write about

Keeping faith in a jacked-up world. What I'm learning in motherhood. The power of routines + rhythms. My mental health journey. How to show up fully and intentionally to your life.

what I


The most valuable resource we've been given is time. The world needs more love letters. Gratitude is never overhyped. You're not missing any pieces. God really loves you.


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If you're into encouraging pep talks, hope-filled devotionals, tips for building better routines, the occasional JonBenet Ramsey deep-dive + some solid book recs-- you've arrived at your destination.

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